Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Rich, Ew

I've been thinking a lot about this (skip ahead to 1:30):

Then I saw this:

Stop trying to make segways in Soulja Boy.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Space Is My Favorite Place

My nose is stuffy today. So to make myself feel a little better, I wore my outer-space shirt. I got it at Macy's awhile ago.
The pants are new! I got them yesterday when I was in Alameda, at a little place called Sway on Park Street, Their prices are awesome, and the clothes are young and trendy. I was able to snag these high rise jeans on sale.
And also these sage flats with rabbit eared bows for only $10!
Here's a detail of one of the galaxies.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Water Babies

It took me awhile to find the perfect bathing suit. Because it's usually too chilly to be wearing one in San Francisco, I knew I needed a suit that would stand the test of time, and I would have a few years. However current trends in bathing suit fashion are not my favorite.
Maybe fore some people, not for me. I prefer a more modest, yet sexy retro style of suit.
So I started shopping online. I loved Orla Kiely's prints and colors. The high waisted and ruffled back side bottoms are adorable. The bucket hats; not my favorite. The price was just a little too much, especially because I wouldn't be trying them on first.
So I clicked over the Free, and found this cute Zimmerman suit. Success!
I love the retro orange and polka dot print. It's not quite a two pice or a one peice, with the cut away. My skin needs extra sunscreen there, it's been years since it's seen the light of day.
Hurray for some sunny California days!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Baking Bread

"Haha, Jane, it looks like you're going to go and bake bread in that outfit." -Mallory
"Haha, or Mexican food." -Stephanie
Screw you, I'm going to drink beer and eat nectarines instead!
I felt fat today. So I wore this.
With a headband, that I sewed a bow onto.
I stole this from my sister when I was in high school. She got it in San Francisco, when we were living in Oregon. It seemed so, ethnic and foreign back then.
These are my only red shoes. I need to replace them. I bought these at a thrift store in Baltimore. And they are falling apart at the seams.
This is the best beer in the whole wide world. Made for my taste-buds, apparently. It's called Cable Car, but is not brewed in San Francisco, or even California, but instead Rochester, NY. Tasty, light, malty, and smooth. Sure does make me burp more than any other beer.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bicycle Buttons

Again, this is not the order I wanted these pictures. FAIL. Today I did not feel comfortable. I hated my outfit. But I was greeted by my friend and co-worker with an, "Aw, Jane, you look so cute today." These earrings my mom mom gave me. They are made out of this wood that doesn't float in water, and the trees only grow in Oregon. Tight.
This cute little short sleeved knitted sweater I found at The Buffalo Exchange in The Mission. I fell deeply in love with the buttons. The little bike embroidery is so cute, I want to eat them for dinner. And the belt is one of my favorite accessories. My Grandma Peg needle point stiched it for my mom mom back in 70's. She told me that she is really embarrassed with her craftsmanship. I don't know what she's talking about, it's perfect.
Here's the whole outfit. It includes cuffed jeans, black socks, and black shoes.
"Oy, my aching back."
---just a discloser---I don't have an aching back.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


To Begin. I don't know much. But I do know one thing; this is not the order I wanted to post these particular pictures. Today was warm for San Francisco. I knew I would be painting a lot at work, so I needed to wear something I didn't mind getting dirty. However, no need to sacrifice looking put together and well styled because of a little paint.

These are my sweet shades. I got them not too long ago at Anthropologie.
These are my Payless Shoes. I wear them year round even though they are white. They make me feel like Princess Tiger Lily.
This dress makes me feel like a hippie. But not one that poops on the street. More like one that dances at jam band concerts. Due to my background in textiles, I'm in love with the shibori dye, and where it falls on by body.
This little button down, collared top is literally falling apart. I bought it awhile ago in Baltimore, at some weird little vintage shop where a stunningly beautiful transvestite helped me pick out things. The necklace my sister gave me. I love mother of pearl.
Here's the whole meal deal.

Love Is In The Air


They Call Me Jane, That Is My Name