Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Halloween 2010

Get ready ya'll.


Trying to decide between a cupcake, peppermint, or coolwhip bra.

I've also been crazy obsessed with "missed connections."
What if I started having chance encounters on purpose just so I could post them on "missed connections"?

Jane walks into American Apparel on Stockton Street. While at the unisex sock isle Jane glances at the dude (he kinda looks like Elijah Wood). He is checking out a pair of white tube socks with a teal band. Trying not to stare Jane chooses the black tights she always buys from American Apparel and scoots past dude. Mid scoot her purse knocks over a bundle of legwarmers.

"Oh man. Oh man. Oh God. Fuck." She says while in a very Molly Shannon/SNL/Superstar moment throws the legwarmers back into place.

Does the dude notice? Jane will never know, because she has promptly bolted out of the store and is already on a bus zipping across town.

Jane would then go home and write her "missed connection":

"Dear guy at the American Apparel on Stockton Street. Today I saw you and I knocked over a rack of legwarmers with my purse while scooting past you. I think we truly had a moment. Let me know if you want to go get burritos sometime."

Would you consider this a staged missed connection?

Should I start a blog called "Staged Missed Connections"?......just google searched it. Looks like I'm in the clear all I could find somewhat related is this.

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