Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bird, Bird, Bird, The Bird is the Word

Thanks to Miss Mallory V. work is much more fun. Shown below is the attempt to be the "Cuidado Man." This skirt reminds me of hot lava. "Skirts on Ladders" would be the name of my "Visual For Dummies" book. "The Importance of a Slip" would be the name of my autobiography.
I spy with my little eyes....HOMECOMING! My favorite....wait is that a fanny pack? Why yes it is. And what's it full of? Candy? Treasures? Oh no my children, even better, needle nose pliers, box cutters, burnishers, and lip gloss.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Flying Poodle

I forget the puppies name, but she sure was a sweetie. Didn't care much for people, but loves tennis balls. Lost the tennis ball over the edge. Panic ensues.
James took me sailing on the boat he works on The Alma. So I put on my favorite pashmina afghan, red sweater, sunglasses, and extremely tight jeans. Note, the flying poodle.
James here. Apparently we both have a thing for touching our heads in pictures.
Here he is tying knots/sails/ropes.
And I can't not post this video....

Saturday, August 15, 2009

This Is My New Haircut

The dress is Language of LA. And the necklace was a gift from my mom.

And this here is the new haircut. Audrey Hepburn inspired:

I went to my favorite place to get my haircut, The Wak Shack.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Such a Nerd

This kinda stuff cracks me up....

Create Your Own


Sunday, August 9, 2009


It's time for a Delilah Crown shout out. When I first moved to San Francisco, I was able to jump start my life at Delilah Crown. My old boss and friend Kristina De Pizzol is the owner and designer. If your ever in North Beach be sure to stop by, say hi, and touch everything in this boutique. This seersucker dress was a gift from Krtistina when I left. The black blazer is from Bella Cose on Polk St.

I Love Kicking Puppies in the Face

When wearing a jumper it's important to walk and talk like a little punk. If you don't, the jumper will rebel and weeks of bad karma will follow. I learned this the hard way. This brown jumper is from Macy's, BCBGeneration collection. The tights are DKNY, and the belt was a gift from my sister.
The wall is on Clement Street, at Cheap Pete's. A great place to find cheap frames, for sure.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Theme Song of Post: "Just Can't Get Enough" by Depeche Mode

I always take Mr. T's advise to heart. Always.

Dressing up is one of my favorite things to do. So it's nice to have friends that share my same loves. This was an evening of 80's dancing at 111 Minna.
I tried the more Madonna prom edge. James went Rock-a-billy 80's. (Jewelry courtesy The Grandma Peg Collection).
The blue belt I found at a Greek Church yard sale in Baltimore. The only thing that was at this yard sale were belts and fur coats. I got one of each. The skirt is a find from American Rag Its really not a good thing that I live so close to this store.
The corset was a gift from James. He had it made for me from one of my favorite places in San Francisco, Dark Garden It's hidden in Hayes Valley right next to Blue Bottle Coffee. They do custom corsets, and have an array of Edwardian and Victorian accessories and fashion...everything for all of your Steam Punk wants and needs.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Mad For Men

I've never been so inspired by a TV Show. I take that back, That 70's Show, I used to love that show. But really, Mad Men on AMC is not only a perfectly filmed and entertaining show, its simply beautiful to watch. The costume design is wonderful, and makes my insides squeal with joy. Here's a link to the an article about it:

Saturday, August 1, 2009

You Lookin' Kinda Cute

James Gets A New Suit
by, Jane

He got a big box in the mail. He opened it. And inside was a perfectly tailored and constructed three piece suit. He put it on. She took some pictures.


This suit made possible by:

A Little Ket-chup

Because the sun lives in San Francisco, and decides to take vacation during July, it was a rare event to be able to lay in the park.
The pants are slacks, with a high waist. And the vest was handed down from my mother. It's our families tartan, and fits me perfectly.

A Long Day of Sewing

After a long day of sewing I needed to take a break. Then I found THIS:

And I had maybe a little too much fun....

Love Is In The Air


They Call Me Jane, That Is My Name