Thursday, March 3, 2011

Shoe Clips

I love The Cliff Hotel.
Even though I drank too much of your mini bar champagne then threw it up 4 hours later.

Air and Space

An entire museum dedicated to air and space. Seems pretty boring...until you fill it with spaceships, airplanes and taxidermied space monkies!

Everything you see in this picture has set foot on the moon.
This little guy was shot into space for four days. Lucky.

Happy Chinese New Years!

Spent the New Years drinking beer while 5 Chinese men bet $500 each on a game of dice. They would smash the cup down onto the bar right infront of me, drink their beer and whiskey from tiny shot glasses with hot water mixed in, and yell at each other.

She Flies in the Air

I did it. I made my first circus costume. The insanly talented Morgaine asked me to make her a costume for her show She told me her needs and this is what I designed and worked out: She prefers the halter, and a mini skirt so it doesn't get caught up in her straps or rope.
Then I added little loops so she can lace the back, or leave it open.

Here's the in progress open back:
Nice lonnnng straps:
Loaded with red thread.

Everyday's The 14th...

I wear these shades all the time. But because of the holiday we couldn't help but have a little photoshoot.
Paper roses I made for a Valentines Day display I did at work:

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wallpaper - #STUPiDFACEDD

This is not a joke:

I'm apart of this crazy beautiful maddness:

Wallpaper - #STUPiDFACEDD

You Only Turn 30 Once

So Nicholas shaved his moustache off for his big birthday. In memory of his prized stache, I got him this flask and had it engraved.... Because he kinda-sorta guessed what I got him I decided to wrap it in a big box with a giant cinder block....

A little pink paper....

I also took him a go-cart tour of San Francisco....I highly recomend it. Native or not.

Love Is In The Air


They Call Me Jane, That Is My Name