Friday, April 9, 2010

Been Thinking About A Perm

I'm laying on the couch, with all of the windows open, watching An Education, wearing my baithing suit. Warm weather is the best weather in my apartment. It turns the usually smelly, dirty, annoying wreck that my roommates leave it, into a delightful, sun and ocean breeze filled beach apartment. An apartment where bottles of beer laying around and the bad record collection are just reminders of chill evenings, best friends, and being 24.

The other day I spent infront of my mirror, playing with my hair and eyeliner. Here's some photo documentation:

This is all in practice for my perm. I've been growing my hair out. But I suck at it. So I started throwing my locks of hair up into bobbypins. I do enjoy the mess.

Monday, April 5, 2010


Beth! I think I ate too much chocolate bread.

Love Is In The Air


They Call Me Jane, That Is My Name