Tuesday, July 14, 2009


To Begin. I don't know much. But I do know one thing; this is not the order I wanted to post these particular pictures. Today was warm for San Francisco. I knew I would be painting a lot at work, so I needed to wear something I didn't mind getting dirty. However, no need to sacrifice looking put together and well styled because of a little paint.

These are my sweet shades. I got them not too long ago at Anthropologie.
These are my Payless Shoes. I wear them year round even though they are white. They make me feel like Princess Tiger Lily.
This dress makes me feel like a hippie. But not one that poops on the street. More like one that dances at jam band concerts. Due to my background in textiles, I'm in love with the shibori dye, and where it falls on by body.
This little button down, collared top is literally falling apart. I bought it awhile ago in Baltimore, at some weird little vintage shop where a stunningly beautiful transvestite helped me pick out things. The necklace my sister gave me. I love mother of pearl.
Here's the whole meal deal.

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