Thursday, July 16, 2009

Baking Bread

"Haha, Jane, it looks like you're going to go and bake bread in that outfit." -Mallory
"Haha, or Mexican food." -Stephanie
Screw you, I'm going to drink beer and eat nectarines instead!
I felt fat today. So I wore this.
With a headband, that I sewed a bow onto.
I stole this from my sister when I was in high school. She got it in San Francisco, when we were living in Oregon. It seemed so, ethnic and foreign back then.
These are my only red shoes. I need to replace them. I bought these at a thrift store in Baltimore. And they are falling apart at the seams.
This is the best beer in the whole wide world. Made for my taste-buds, apparently. It's called Cable Car, but is not brewed in San Francisco, or even California, but instead Rochester, NY. Tasty, light, malty, and smooth. Sure does make me burp more than any other beer.

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  1. Ha ha ha!! Bread would have gone good with beer and nectarines! You should have made some.


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