Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Making Christmas Tra La La La

Mission: create a sexy/cute Christmas tree on this bust form.

Step one: KKK? Crafted out of old tablecloths and random scraps of wire and ribbon are the undergarments.

Step two: The Land of Oz? A good base leads to a beautiful finnished product. Props on the photobomb, Mallory.

Step three: Lights to add magic.

Step four: CANDY! And a jingle bell necklace!

Step five: Sprinkle in fahionable ladies and oversized ornaments.

Step six: Place presents under the tree.

And there you have it. Perhaps Matthew Barney will walk into Macy's and demand to see
The creator of the cute and sexy Christmas tree. Then he'll sweep me away to be his costume maker, and I'll meet Elijah Wood.

-and somedays they last longer than others...so today I'm just going to count my freckles. love always, jane

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