Tuesday, February 9, 2010

It worked!! It really worked!! I would have posted more sooner, but this dang phone and it's dang app-li-mo-cations were failing me.

So here I lay posting underneath 2 layers of down comforters, battling a fever. So far I feel as if I'm kicking this fevers ass, and will be booty bumping come morning.

To pass the hours I watched The Sex and the City movie, and it helped me come to an important realization: my jammies suck. Carrie would crawl into bed wearing a purple, silk cammie, with adorable grey boycut undies (haha, I called them undies). And to top it off, a long string of pearls. I think I got the underwear covered, but a collection of silk tops and a string of pearls might be in my future.

For right now, I'm just going to eat some ice cream, and watch Randy Jackson Presents ABDC.

-and somedays they last longer than others...so today I'm just going to count my freckles. love always, jane

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