Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pen and Ink

Was just looking back on my sketch book, and came across this little bit of writing:

"Sometimes I wish I had a fabulous blog.
Pages of pictures of the fantastic clothes I wear,
the beautiful people i eat blue cheese stuffed olives with, my latest haircut or fashion accessories.
But I'm such a bad speller.
And have horrible punctuation.
And I'm lazy.
Would rather be watching MTV.
I'm just scared my blog would be lame.
And that would suck.
Nothings more sucky than a bad blog.
Bad blogs don't rock.
Sluts rock."

Looks like I stopped listening to my inner critic.
Middle fingers to the sky.
50 Cent is coming to Macy's in December!

-and somedays they last longer than today I'm just going to count my freckles. love always, jane


  1. I want to meet 50cent maybe. Maybe not. No better not. Keep the dream alive.

  2. "Fashion is an expression of boredom, of restlessness. The successful designer understands the ferocity of that boredom and provides it with new places in which to calm it's rage for a while"
    - from "A Change in Fashion" by Steven Millhauser

    This makes sense to me, Ladies?


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